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Paid social media advertising should be a key part of any business strategy. Businesses can expand their reach to broad audiences, raise brand awareness, and convert sales at different levels of the sales funnel by engaging on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, and LinkedIn. It’s no wonder that businesses are […]
Telegram Strategy
Telegram is a popular and global communications platform that helps you grow your brand and be a powerful content marketing channel. Telegram has gained in popularity over the last five years due to its security, support for every major OS, and ease of use. Features such as direct private messaging, extreme security, and even secret […]
total reach
Facebook is a huge ecosystem and every brand can use it in many ways to promote its offerings. There are Facebook Pages, groups, ads, and many other formats. One usually can’t use them all, not to mention tracking the effectiveness of all those efforts.  Nevertheless, if you’re a person responsible for your brand’s Facebook presence, […]
For every business on social media, it is essential to know whether social media marketing efforts are paying off, analyze the current performance, and plan. When you determine what’s working well and what areas you need to improve in your business, you’ll be able to get good results.  You know well that random social media […]
TikTok influencers
What happens when you give businesses, both big and small, the opportunity to grab instant eyeballs, and drive traffic and conversions? All while riding on the coattails of someone that’s already in touch with their target audience and enjoys their trust? You get influencer marketing, a marketing juggernaut that perfectly balances reach and relatability.  Ever […]
Data breach
As a business owner, you should be concerned with the growth of your organization. Your marketing strategy is vital to your continued growth. Analytics are a powerful window into the effectiveness of that plan.  Facebook analytics are an especially critical element of growth marketing. Your social media strategy is a great way to get your […]
StoryBrand Framework - Building a Landing Page
Reading Time: 10 minutes Here’s the truth: companies often waste money on digital marketing and even developing other marketing collateral. They waste money on marketing that does nothing to make the customer want to engage with their brand. What businesses don’t realize is that people don’t buy the best products, they buy the ones that […]