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23 Ways to Attract More Students to Your School
Attracting new students to your school can be challenging, especially in today’s highly competitive education industry. With so many options available to parents and students, school marketers need to find effective ways to stand out from the crowd and attract more students to your school. In today’s blog post, I share 23 ways you can […]
Craft the Perfect StoryBrand One-Liner in 3 Simple Steps
Reading Time: 5 minutes Imagine this: You’ve worked tirelessly to establish a brand for your company and are finally satisfied with where you stand. Then, you find yourself in a conversation with a stranger who asks about your business. You freeze, and your mind goes blank. Sound like a nightmare? Well, in order to avoid […]
total reach
Facebook is a huge ecosystem and every brand can use it in many ways to promote its offerings. There are Facebook Pages, groups, ads, and many other formats. One usually can’t use them all, not to mention tracking the effectiveness of all those efforts.  Nevertheless, if you’re a person responsible for your brand’s Facebook presence, […]
7 Steps To Reach Your Customers
Reading Time: 10 minutes Messaging is an incredibly powerful tool for your business. When done correctly, you can create an inseparable bond between you and your customers. Just look at some of the biggest brands today. Through messaging, they invite the customer into a story – a personal journey – that encourages them to listen […]
cart abandonment
Reading Time: 6 minutes Cart abandonment is one of the most common problems for online sellers in the eCommerce world today. Despite spending an extensive amount of effort and resources marketing your products and services, you are not getting the sales you expected. You spend lots of money on branding, social media, PPC, SEO, referral […]
How Does Social Media Help Develop A Trading Business
People are spending an incredible amount of time on social media. According to some surveys, internet users spend an average of 6 hours and 53 minutes online every day. Considering that we spend 8-9 hours asleep, this is virtually half of our waking hours. With that in mind, it’s clear that social media is our […]