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3 Key Benefits of Responsive Web Design
Reading Time: 5 minutes Your website is the face of your company. Whether it’s a customer’s first time on your site, or they are a native user of your services, their experience should be memorable. So, when it comes to web design, your website should be optimized for however, the viewer may see it. Put […]
B2B Buyer Persona Example
In today’s digital age, LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most powerful platforms for B2B outreach, and B2B marketing in general. With over 750 million users globally, LinkedIn provides businesses the opportunity to reach out to a highly-targeted audience and generate qualified leads with personalized outreach. But of course, reach is just one piece […]
What Are the Benefits of Social Media Marketing?
Social media marketing. As a school marketer, there’s no way you haven’t heard of it yet. Social media has changed the whole world and also the world of marketing. So why should your school be spending time marketing on social media? Here are 13 benefits of social media marketing for your school. Showcase your school […]
What's New with Facebook Graph API 9.0?
On November 10th, 2020 Facebook released version 9.0 of their Graph API. Major releases are typically important to pay attention to since they can have new features, major bug fixes, or breaking changes. There are two major changes with Facebook Graph API 9.0: Starting on the release date of Nov 10th, consumer and gaming apps […]
How to Get Inbound Leads
Inbound lead generation is at the heart of digital marketing success. But it’s also something that can mean different things depending on who you might ask. A lead, in the context of marketing, is any individual who has indicated an interest in your brand, product or service. When it comes to school marketing, we call […]
For every business on social media, it is essential to know whether social media marketing efforts are paying off, analyze the current performance, and plan. When you determine what’s working well and what areas you need to improve in your business, you’ll be able to get good results.  You know well that random social media […]
What Are the 4 Stages of Inbound Marketing for Schools?
Do you know the stages of an inbound marketing strategy? It is a methodology that more and more schools use because it allows you to attract, convert, enroll and retain students using the right content at the right time. Here are the four stages of inbound marketing you can use to create your own comprehensive […]
TikTok influencers
What happens when you give businesses, both big and small, the opportunity to grab instant eyeballs, and drive traffic and conversions? All while riding on the coattails of someone that’s already in touch with their target audience and enjoys their trust? You get influencer marketing, a marketing juggernaut that perfectly balances reach and relatability.  Ever […]
Analyze your social media efforts with our 2-week free trial!
How Instagram’s algorithm works is still a bit of a mystery for many Instagram users. But Instagram recently provided some answers to clear things up. And even if it seems trivial to some, being aware of the algorithm and understanding how it works is crucial. This is especially true if you want to achieve satisfying […]