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Creating Shareable Content on Social Media
08 Jun How to Create Shareable Content on Social Media  Posted at 10:19h in Content Marketing by Kate Pauline Getting your content shared on social media is one of the most challenging parts of being a marketer. But what's really the formula for creating shareable content?   Crafting engaging and shareable content is the key to […]
Craft the Perfect StoryBrand One-Liner in 3 Simple Steps
Reading Time: 5 minutes Imagine this: You’ve worked tirelessly to establish a brand for your company and are finally satisfied with where you stand. Then, you find yourself in a conversation with a stranger who asks about your business. You freeze, and your mind goes blank. Sound like a nightmare? Well, in order to avoid […]
best social media tools
17 Nov Best Social Media Management Tools To Make You a Superstar Posted at 21:15h in Announcements by Kate Pauline As anyone who spends any time marketing on social media knows, managing all of your accounts can be a real hassle. There are so many different platforms and each one requires a different approach.    […]
How To Use AI In Social Media Marketing
There are several ways that businesses can use artificial intelligence (AI) in social media marketing: Social media listening: AI tools can help businesses monitor social media channels for mentions of their brand, industry keywords, and other relevant topics. Customer service: AI chatbots can be used to answer customer questions and resolve issues on social media […]
AgoraPulse Ultimate Review
24 Oct AgoraPulse Ultimate Review: Is it Worth It? Posted at 09:30h in Review Blogs by Megan Nash AgoraPulse is a social media management tool that gives you the ability to track all your social media activity in one place. It’s an effective way to stay on top of your social media presence and make […]
What Are the 4 Stages of Inbound Marketing for Schools?
Do you know the stages of an inbound marketing strategy? It is a methodology that more and more schools use because it allows you to attract, convert, enroll and retain students using the right content at the right time. Here are the four stages of inbound marketing you can use to create your own comprehensive […]
Automate Your Social Media Strategy
Social media automation is the process of optimizing social interactions using automated tools. This can include scheduling social posts ahead of time or republishing popular articles. We’re not talking about bots here. We’re talking about using social media automation tools that benefit marketers and audiences alike. That means reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks, […]
Surprising Brands that are still Using Twitter | Ignite Social Media
05 Oct Surprising Brands that are still Using Twitter  Posted at 13:00h in Twitter Marketing by Kate Pauline In a world where social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving, it’s easy to forget about the classics. Twitter (like Ignite) has been around for over 15 years now, and while it may not be as […]