Automate Your Social Media Strategy

Social media automation is the process of optimizing social interactions using automated tools. This can include scheduling social posts ahead of time or republishing popular articles.

We’re not talking about bots here. We’re talking about using social media automation tools that benefit marketers and audiences alike. That means reducing the time spent on repetitive tasks, decreasing response time, and giving you the time and data you need to create more engaging content.

Automating post scheduling, basic customer service, and producing analytics reports can free up hours of time for social media managers to work on higher-level tasks.

Benefits of social media automation:

  1. Reduction in the time required to create and schedule social media posts
  2. Reduced customer service response time
  3. Increased brand awareness and engagement

How to Automate?

  1. Look at social listening tools:
    With automation tools, you can see brand mentions across all platforms in one place. Additionally, you can follow certain keywords, topics, or hashtags to see what’s going on in your industry.
  2. Gain valuable insights across several networks:
    A large benefit to automation tools is that you can get analytics such as impressions, reach, and engagement on all your social media platforms in one place
  3. Engage with your audience:
    One of the most important benefits of social media automation tools is that they can help you engage with your audience across several platforms in one place.
  4. Social ads management:
    Automating these time-consuming tasks frees you up to dedicate more time to crafting great copy and other advertising assets.

Tips To Automate Social Media Posts:

  • Write for Each Network:
    You will want to write multiple messages for each network, especially if you plan to recycle those in your social media automation.
  • Automatically Share At The Best Times For Each Social Network:
    That means you get all the benefits of reaching your audience without having to remember all the tedious data about when each network’s users are typically active.
  • Share , Learn and Repeat:
    Try to do these three on a regular basis to get the best outcomes.
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